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Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have not managed to add to this personal blog for a while, but I have quite conscientiously kept up with uploading Dad’s ”Grandfather Tales” blog every weekend as much as possible.. When it’s finished, I shall presumably have more time for personal blogging.

4 – 8 January, Luke and his family visited and stayed at my flat. Enormous fun! They did not go out much – just one visit to Night Safari – the rest of the time, very content to stay home, play games, go to food centre. It was just a wonderful restful family time. They also managed to spend a lot of time with Sing and her family, which was the main reason they came down to Singapore.

15 – 20 Jan I went by bus to KL and visited Luke’s family, staying in Amy’s flat in KL. Again, we did not go out much, just nice family time. The highlight was a day trip to Seremban for Lily’s 70th birthday lunch. (Huge Cantonese speaking clan in Seremban.).

3 – 6 Feb, I made a quickie trip to Penang. Immediate reason – laptop was in repair shop, screen got busted in last KL trip so I might as well travel while computer is down – and visit Aunty SY who is frail – and has Alzheimer’s. I stayed 2 days in CE’s house and one day at Copthorne Orchid (very favourable room Rates from Holiday Bagus agency.) Pao Yen was a wonderful hostess. Chien Cheng took us all dinner.

Other highlights of the past month – bought a pair of gold earrings and a new watch to replace lost one, at Mustapha’s. I bought a new 18.5” monitor screen and I just installed it today --– Two windows on the two screens – so nice to use when pasting from one screen to the other!

For Chinese New Year – I bought some nice flowers for the house – and spent many hours making my famous achar which I haven’t done for some time – Sing loves it!

Lots of MTL meetings and business – but I don’t have to write about that!

It feels as though the daily struggle is to find time to creatively write –the project is the Lim Boon Keng musical – I’m daily bargaining for time to concentrate on it – to the guilty exclusion of other projects. But I have been writing in a little gold-bound notebook – took it to KL on the bus, took it to Penang – the odd hour here and there, the free time while travelling. On the Penang trip – I have finally got a skeleton outline – I think it might finally be what I have been trying to find.

I have been doing watercolours too. Maybe next time I will post them to blog. It doesn’t feel like creative work so much as learning technique, how to handle the paint . Su Min says we might go painting together when he comes back.

Stopping here – got paperwork, bank statements etc to shuffle through.