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Friday, October 31, 2008

Long time no log in... In the last few years I totally lost the urge to scribble and EXPRESS myself. The various songs and assignements for creat8ve work take care of that. Once I used to do the Artists' Journal thing: half an hour of writing every morning, to exercise the facility of talking, of creative writing. After a few years of this I was so sick of the sound of my own voice -- prefer to seek silence.

Now starting a blog because I guess it is nice to try to develop an on-line medium of expression. Maybe will give a new creative impetus.

What I really like to blog about -- is some artifacts around my home, mostly from Oberon. I will take some photos and upload..

Meanwhile, juast to note that since last entry on Sept 6 I went to Thailand to receive SEA Write award; spent a fabulous week in the lap of luxury at Mandarin Oriental, with Rebecca and Sing. Then went 2 weeks to Australia, spending time with grandchildren. As always -- I find the transitions painful. The transition from Singapore- consciousness to family-consciousness; the transition required to re-establish warm relationships with chauildren. The transition period takes about one week which is rather ubncomfortable; and then it's time to come home. Must try to spend a little longer. And perhaps, plan some Ice-breaker event or activity, to speed up the insertion process.

Before I went away, I was having singing lessons and tennis lessons twice a week each -- which was really too time-consuming. Since coming back, they have decreased to once a week each -- for various reasons -- but I am glad to say that I seem to have reached a little plateau for both, and I am actually having fun with the lessons. Shall be glad to continue at this level of intensity for the future. So now I have a little more free time -- Now I am going to go and try to put together my own web-page, which I been meaning to do for ages.