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Saturday, December 20, 2008

This week we had performances of our new show A CHRISTMAS WISH.

It is going quite well, will not win rave reviews from critics, but with 20 songs in 1 hour it is bright and lively and gives the audience a satisfying feeling that they have seen a nice pleasant show. Several audience members are known to have asked their friends to come next day!

One week ago, it looked like we would have an embarrassingly messy show, played to embarrassingly empty seats. Desmond worked very hard on the outside of the house and Shaiful worked hard on the inside, the cast responded to the whips and guns, the audience soaked up the many many complimentary tix given out. In the end we have a respectable show and a respectable house. There will have to be a post-mortem to examine why it was so messy in the first place. But for this week, once more, as they say in Shakespeare in Love -- "It's a miracle, " that happens in show biz..

As the writer of the show, I am pleased to see how this format works. The tight sequence of lots of songs and scanty dialogue packs a punch. (I regret that some actors adlib seems like 40% additional dialogue from what I provided..) The mix of adults and little kids adds an irresistible charm, appealing to basic hard-wiring of human beings (well, most human beings.) The audience – comprising a lot of mums, dads, uncles and aunties and grandparents -- is pre-disposed to be kind. It was, in the end, a happy show! β€œIt’s a miracle.”


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